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supplier's declaration


Babies and small children usually still put toys and cuddly toys in their mouths. It is all the more important for parents that they are safe and harmless. The little ones among us choke on small parts too easily or toxins get into the baby's body. The EU toy directive EN 71 has therefore existed for years and regulates the safety of toys with the aim of ensuring a high level of protection across Europe. To this end, the EU toy directive is divided into several categories.
The first part of EN 71 mainly concerns regulations on technical-constructive safety, i. H. those that deal with the mechanical and physical properties of toys.

The second part regulates the safety requirements with regard to the flammability of toys and the third part deals with the chemical properties of toys. For example, allergenic fragrances are prohibited, while limit values are set for the migration of elements such as antimony, arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury and selenium.

Every manufacturer must have the testing and certification of toys carried out on the finished product. However, part 3 is an exception.

If manufacturers of children's toys are already processing materials tested to EN 71 Part 3, this partial test is not necessary.

We have had strips from our range tested for heavy metals EN 71-3 as well as nitrosamines and nitrosatable substances by an independent test laboratory. The test showed that the stated contents of the tested products were significantly below the limit values. They therefore meet the current requirements of the EU toy directive.

Our supplier declaration and the certificate for the raw material cotton are available for download.


supplier's declaration