The world's first ecological elastic.
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Here we introduce you to products
in which our ecological elastics and ribbons are used.

The Very Good Bra was launched in 2018 to address the issue of pollution caused by synthetic clothing manufacture, laundering and disposal. Bras are little things, but almost half the population wears one every day and they are amongst the least sustainable of garments using spandex, nylon elastic and polyester sewing thread. By sourcing clean materials we have created a botanically circular bra which is 100% compostable at end of life and was eaten in a worm farm in 8 weeks.

Stephanie, founder of The Very Good Bra:

Sourcing a ‘clean’ elastic was my biggest headache. Without Mandy and her unique, pioneering elastic developments, the project would have been impossible. Being the first to create something is very hard and a huge risk, and it’s great to see the traction Premium Haberdashery is receiving in a world hungry for more sustainable products to challenge conventional synthetic ones. I’m delighted to continue working with them on new developments.

With eshly, Berlin-based industrial designer Britta Knüppel relies on a combination of timeless design, modern mechanical precision, meticulous craftsmanship and a good bit of patience. Pure ash wood becomes multifunctional, perfectly shaped companions for everyday life. Versatile, combinable, sensible, sustainable and beautiful. eshly is ideal for preparing fine meals or storing special things. When travelling, in the office, at school or in kindergarten. eshly combines many functions. At any place.

Britta, founder of eshly:

"I love your elastics because: It's unbeatable quality. They are strong and elastic for a very long time and don't wear out. They are made in Europe without plastic! With the production of the elastics, the weaving handicraft and family businesses in Europe are supported. It has been developed with a lot of dedication and love. And it's great to dye."

Besonnen Fashion from Berlin stands for super comfortable, climate-friendly and multifunctional active daywear based on our values Timeless. Capsule. Circular and Fair.

Besonnen Fashion strives for a circular future of the fashion industry, is detached from seasonal trends and focuses on recycled fibres and a conscious lifestyle with their resource-saving production concept.

Annett, founder of Besonnen:

The shape and fit of our leggings have improved a lot since we started using the Organic Elastics. Due to the wider elastic, nothing slips and the whole waistband fits beautifully. Since we want our leggings to withstand all kinds of sports and stress, we searched and tried for a long time. We found what we were looking for at Charle Berlin and are totally thrilled with the natural elastics.

The master carpenter of holzELLement likes to share his passion for the unique material wood with others. His products are the expression of this enthusiasm.

Everything comes from his own hands. Whether development, production, sales, packaging, marketing or shipping: everything is done by himself. Thus, he can influence every aspect and offer his customers short distances.

Hannes Ell, master carpenter of holzELLement:

I was absolutely convinced by the quality and processing of the ribbon. The high-quality processed rubber bands from CHARLE - premium haberdashery make my product complete.

At nez living you will be inspired and motivated on your journey to a more conscious and meaningful life.

The three main pillars of this journey are: Wellbeing, Productivity and Sustainability. The goal is to provide you with the right organisational tools to manage your own life.

Vanessa, founder of nez living:

At nez living we make high quality and sustainable paper ware that motivates wellbeing and a productive lifestyle. Our materials are vegan and the quality of the ribbons from CharLe - premium haberdashery fit perfectly to our framework of values.